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CYD  ‘Disassemble Yourself’ EP   (EMS006 E-MISSIONS 12”)

CYD ‘Disassemble Yourself’ EP (EMS006 E-MISSIONS 12”)

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CYD  ‘Disassemble Yourself’ EP   (EMS006 E-MISSIONS 12”)   
Polish producer CYD joins the ever impressive E-Missions with six leftfield cuts in ‘Disassemble Yourself’ EP.
CYD aka Karol Kazmierzewski has been making music under various aliases for the best part of two decades and has developed a versatile yet distinct sound as a result.
Swelling synths and grainy effects open the release in ‘A Warmness You Can’t Touch’ before moving into the downtempo beats and scintillating melodies of ‘Halcyon Dreams’. Up next, ‘One Winged’ ups the energy with crashing percussion, twisted effects and serene female vocals, making way for a layered composition complete with echoing atmospherics titled ‘Hidden In The Forest’. With its dystopian aesthetic, ‘Initiation’ is the most ominous on the package, whilst ‘Not So Shallow’ incorporates chopped samples and quivering chords for a hypnotic conclusion.