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Satchy - Warm Absence - Babe City Records (WHITE COLORED VINYL)

Satchy - Warm Absence - Babe City Records (WHITE COLORED VINYL)

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Warm Absence
Babe City Records

When growing up, LA-based Satchy became obsessed with producing what he describes as 'a gumbo of alternative music, a mixture of genres and sounds that could be called 'alternative soul'.' In his new LP, 'Warm Absence' from Babe City Records, Satchy realizes his vision using soulful guitars and blended genres to create a hypnotic sound all his own. The inspiration for 'Warm Absence,' says Satchy, is the Black music, art and expression he first discovered in his home -- from Gil Scott Heron to A.R. Kane and Roy Ayers. In "Warm Absence," Satchy has created a sound on his own, that falls on the spectrum between R&B and Indie Rock, complete with punchy and warbly guitar tones and intimate, present vocals that consistently hook and surprise the listener. Warm and psychedelic, "Warm Absence" is an album that hits as hard with headphones on your bedroom floor as it does cruising down Sunset Boulevard with full volume and windows down. Through his environment, talent, and influence, Satchy has created an incredible and whole album that's as accesible as it is experimental, a balancing act of true excellence.

Genre: ROCK/POP UPC: 634457075948
Item: LP-BCDC-046C Packaging: LP, White Vinyl