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Aidan Knight - Each Other - Outside Music OUTS-9100 - Vinyl, LP

Aidan Knight - Each Other - Outside Music OUTS-9100 - Vinyl, LP

$ 21.90

Knight, Aidan - Each Other (Vinyl)
Catalog # : LP-OUTS-9100
Artist : Knight, Aidan
UPC : 623339910019
Label : Outside Music
Street Date : 3/18/2016

Aidan Knight hails from Victoria, the biggest city on Vancouver Island, off the shore of British Columbia. Knight has been making music since his teens and releasing music since 2010. Although the name Aidan Knight belongs to the individual, the records have been a collaborative effort between himself and his band; a collection of classical music nerds, jazz aficionados, and experimental musical wizards. On the new album, Each Other, the collaborative spirit remains strong but the vision is solely that of Knight. Aidan enlisted Marcus Paquin (The National, Arcade Fire, Local Natives) to produce the album. Together they succeeded in piecing together the raw energy of their live show and the layered textures that could only be captured in the studio. Lyrically, Knight’s penchant for astute observations and personal reflections remains a compelling component of his songwriting, as previously witnessed on 2012’s acclaimed album Small Reveal. The record ably demonstrates Knight’s evolving musical depth, highlighting both the band’s sonic exploration and Aidan’s ability with a subtle melody, while the emotional weight running throughout the record should satisfy the most discerning listener and bring Knight’s work to a newfound prominence.