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Fits - All Belief is Paradise : Father/Daughter LP-FD-059 - LP

Fits - All Belief is Paradise : Father/Daughter LP-FD-059 - LP

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Fits - All Belief is Paradise (Vinyl)
Catalog # : LP-FD-059
Artist : Fits
UPC : 634457790711
Label : Father/Daughter Records
Street Date : 11/17/2017

All Belief is Paradise is the debut full-length from Fits, the songwriting project of Brooklyn musician, Nicholas Cummins. The band is comprised of Cummins (vocals, guitar), Brian Orante (drums), Big Ups’ Joe Galarraga (Big Ups), and gobbinjr’s Emma Witmer (guitar). The album is available digitally, on CD, and Milky Clear 12” Vinyl. The band will be touring along the East Coast in November and are eyeing SXSW in March 2018.
Fits is undeniably shaped by band members’ experiences playing Brooklyn DIY spaces such as Shea Stadium and Silent Barn. (For one, Cummins first decided to take the Fits project seriously after playing the demos through a giant traveling Swedish log parked in the Silent Barn yard.) For another, songs are quick, loud, and rarely content with sticking to any one style, often holding for meditative intervals before launching into full-throttle caffeinated pop.