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September Girls - Age Of Idignation - Fortuna Pop LP-FPOP-196 - LP

September Girls - Age Of Idignation - Fortuna Pop LP-FPOP-196 - LP

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September Girls - Age Of Idignation (Vinyl)
Catalog # : LP-FPOP-196
Artist : September Girls
UPC : 5060044172687
Label : Fortuna POP!
Street Date : 4/29/2016

Dublin quintet September Girls return with an impassioned musical and political statement in their new album Age. The ten tracks bristle with atmospheric textures and dark-hearted noise, tackling complex subject matter such as feminism, religion and life in Ireland at this point in history along the way.. Age of Indignation follows debut Cursing the Sea (2014), an album that enjoyed considerable critical acclaim .The album opens with the starkly bleak guitar riff of “Ghost”, before the band’s political views come to the fore with songs such as “Jaw on the Floor”, which is inspired by both the feminist movement and the 1916 Rising, and “Catholic Guilt”, which deals with anger towards the Catholic Church. Title track “Age of Indignation” addresses the ugly side of social media, while “Love No One” comments on the vacuousness of modern society. Brutally honest and brilliantly realised, Age of Indignation is a masterful album from a band confident enough to leave their influences behind. Still retaining the swirling psychedelia and intensity of their debut, this time round they are tighter and more controlled, whilst underneath something much darker and urgent is at work.
1. Ghost 2. Jaw On The Floor 3. Catholic Guilt 4. Blue Eyes 5. Age of Indignation 6. Love No One 7. Salvation 8. John of Gods 9. Quicksand 10. Wolves