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Uffie - Sunshine Factory - Company Records (BONE COLORED VINYL)

Uffie - Sunshine Factory - Company Records (BONE COLORED VINYL)

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Sunshine Factory
Company Records

Welcome to Uffie's new album Sunshine Factory - an alternate reality that is only accessible to those yearning for escape. It's a joyride through the club crowd surfing into the arms of a lover... and yet it's also the sound of waking up to champagne soaked jeans and the bass of your heart still throbbing along to last night's melodies. A decade after her first record, which included'debatably'the internet's first viral hit, the electro smash "Pop The Glock," Uffie is most definitely back. Birthing what would become the Sunshine Factory in Fonte da Telha, Portugal collaborating with Norwegian savant Lasse Lokoy, Uffie soon found a home for these songs back in California with Chaz Bear of Toro y Moi - who co-produced several of the tracks'and his label, Company Records. The resulting album is one of intricate production, sonic experimentation, and subtle poetic brilliance amongst a few Fleabag glances to the camera.

Genre: ALTERNATIVE UPC: 677517301618
Item: LP-CHI-016C Packaging: LP Pressed on Bone Color vinyl [w/ download card]