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No Artist Sound Effects In Stereo LP Excellent (EX) Excellent (EX)

No Artist Sound Effects In Stereo LP Excellent (EX) Excellent (EX)

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EX VINYL - PLAYS PERFECTLY / sleeve in shrink

Tracklist: A1. Ocean Liner Whistle Blasts, A2. Jet Taking Off, A3. Jet Taking Off, A4. Viscount Landing, A5. DC7 Taking Off, A6. 707 Jet Taking Off, A7. DC8 Jet Taking Off, A8. Steam Engine (Short Train), A9. Diesel Engine (Long Train), A10. Racing Cars (Starts And Racing), A11. Pin Ball Machine, A12. Bowling, A13. Billiards (Pool Table), A14. Baseball Game, A15. Large Crowd Applause, A16. Large Crowd Laughter, A17. Door - Closing, Opening, Slamming, A18. Creaking Door, A19. Pistol Shots And Ricochets, A20. Thunder, A21. Heartbeats, A22. Surf, A23. Water Sounds (Drip In Bucket), A24. Sink Draining, A25. Pouring Water Into Bucket, B1. Tropical Birds, B2. Lions Roaring, B3. Dogs Barking, B4. Glass Breaking, B5. Shooting Gallery, B6. Carousel, B7. Pop Bottle Opening And Pouring, B8. Tap Dance Routine, B9. Firecrackers, B10. Chinese Gong, B11. Gong Repeated Crescendo, B12. Railroad Telegraph, B13. Radio Code Signals, B14. Phone - Dial Tone, Dialing, Busy Signal, B15. Phone - Dial Tone, Dialing, Ringing, B16. Phone Ringing, B17. Air Hammer And Compressor, B18. Grinding Wheel, B19. Gas Engine Starting, B20. Hammering Nail (Right) Electric Saw (Left), B21. IBM Electric Typewriter, B22. Royal Typewriter, B23. National Cash Register Electric Adding Machine, B24. National Cash Register Electric Billing Machine, B25. Fire Engine

  • Format Type: LP
  • Genre: Non-Music
  • Media Condition: Excellent (EX)
  • Sleeve Condition: Excellent (EX)
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