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Various Singles - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Various Singles - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Tracklist: A1. Would?, A2. Breath, A3. Seasons, B1. Dyslexic Heart, B2. The Battle Of Evermore, B3. Chloe Dancer / Crown Of Thorns, C1. Birth Ritual, C2. State Of Love And Trust, C3. Overblown, C4. Waiting For Somebody, D1. May This Be Love, D2. Nearly Lost You, D3. Drown, CD1. Touch Me, I'm Dick, CD2. Nowhere But You, CD3. Spoon Man, CD4. Flutter Girl, CD5. Missing, CD6. Would? (Live), CD7. It Ain't Like That (Live), CD8. Birth Ritual (Live), CD9. Dyslexic Heart (Acoustic), CD10. Waiting For Somebody (Score Acoustic), CD11. Overblown (Demo), CD12. Heart And Lungs, CD13. Six Foot Under, CD14. Singles Blues 1, CD15. Blue Heart, CD16. Lost In Emily's Woods, CD17. Ferry Boat #3, CD18. Score Piece #4



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