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Weatherday Come In LP Mint (M) Mint (M)

Weatherday Come In LP Mint (M) Mint (M)

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Tracklist: A1. Come In, A2. Older Than Before (Oswald Made No Way For Himself), A3. Mio, Min Mio, B4. Sleep In While You're Doing Your Best, B5. My Sputnik Sweetheart, B6. Cut Lips, C7. Embarrassing Paintings (Agatha Showed Great Initiative In Art Class This Week), C8. Water Dreamer The Same, C9. Painted Girl's Theme, D10. Агaтка (Agatha! You're Being Melodramatic), D11. Porcelain Hands, D12. Darling Of Loving Vows

  • Media Condition: Mint (M)
  • Format Type: LP
  • Sleeve Condition: Mint (M)
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