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Norah Jones

Norah Jones Come Away With Me (20th Anniversary) [Super Deluxe 4 LP]

Norah Jones Come Away With Me (20th Anniversary) [Super Deluxe 4 LP]

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Super Deluxe four vinyl LP pressing contains the remastered album plus 22 previously unreleased tracks including early demos and the never-before-heard first version of the album. Norah went into Allaire Studios near Woodstock in upstate New York with some of her favorite musicians including Bill Frisell and Kevin Breit on guitars, Brian Blade and Kenny Wollesen on drums, Rob Burger on accordion and organ, and Alexander on bass. "Nearly everything we recorded felt special. We re-recorded most of the songs from the demos to see where else we could take them," Norah recalls. But during the mixing session Norah began to question whether they had gone too far with some of the songs. It was decided that Norah should go back into the studio to start again with Arif Mardin producing. They ended up keeping three songs from the Allaire sessions ("Seven Years," "Feelin' The Same Way," and "The Long Day Is Over"), two from the demo sessions ("Don't Know Why" and "Turn Me On"), and recorded nine additional songs that hewed more closely to the spirit of the demos. The resulting album became Come Away With Me. As Norah reflects back upon Come Away With Me, she says "I was incredibly proud of this album and so thankful to everyone who made it with me... I figured it was a good first try and felt that it truly captured who I was - musically - at that time, which made me the proudest and is all you can really hope for when making a record. In the end I was so thankful that I got to explore a few different paths before putting them all together. No one, including the label, had any idea it would reach the success that it did. I'm forever grateful to Bruce and the very special team at Blue Note for giving me the chance to find my sound through all of it and for never telling me who I had to be."


1.1 ** Come Away With Me – 20th Anniversary Remaster 1.2 Don’t Know Why 1.3 Seven Years 1.4 Cold Cold Heart 1.5 Feelin’ The Same Way 1.6 Come Away With Me 1.7 Shoot The Moon 1.8 Turn Me On 1.9 Lonestar 1.10 I’ve Got To See You Again 1.11 Painter Song 1.12 One Flight Down 1.13 Nightingale 1.14 The Long Day Is Over 1.15 The Nearness Of You 2.1 ** The Demos 2.2 Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most 2.3 Walkin’ My Baby Back Home 2.4 World of Trouble 2.5 ** First Sessions Outtakes 2.6 The Only Time 2.7 I Didn’t Know About You 2.8 Something Is Calling You (tabla version) 2.9 Just Like A Dream Today 2.10 When Sunny Gets Blue 2.11 What Am I To You 2.12 Hallelujah I Love Him So 2.13 Daydream 2.14 ** First Sessions EP 2.15 Don’t Know Why 2.16 Come Away With Me 2.17 Something Is Calling You 2.18 Turn Me On 2.19 Lonestar 2.20 Peace 3.1 ** The Allaire Sessions - These 6 demos previously released as the promo-only First Sessions EP 3.2 I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight 3.3 I’ve Got To See You Again * alternate version 3.4 What Would I Do 3.5 Come Away With Me * alternate version 3.6 Picture In A Frame ** alternate mix 3.7 Nightingale * alternate version 3.8 Peace * alternate version 3.9 What Am I To You * alternate version 3.10 Painter Song * alternate version 3.11 Turn Me On * alternate version 3.12 A Little At A Time 3.13 One Flight Down * alternate version 3.14 Fragile

Number of Tracks: 49

  • Format: Vinyl
  • Released: 4/29/2022
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